ACCA UK Taxation TX F6

ACCA UK Taxation TX

Previously known as F6 ¬ TX ACCA Syllabus

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ACCA TX Syllabus 2021 – UK Taxation

  • Individual & Corporate Tax calculations
  • The UK tax system and its administration
  • Income Tax and NIC liabilities
  • The chargeable gain for individuals
  • Inheritance tax
  • Corporation tax liabilities
  • VAT

Paper Pattern

  1. Section A: 15 objective questions. 2 Marks each (30Marks)
  2. Section B: 3 OT Questions, Each question contains 5 MCQs (30Marks)
  3. Total 3 Questions (40Marks)
    • One question of 10 Marks
    • Two questions of 15 Marks

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How to Prepare TX Paper

  • This paper considers an easy paper for ACCA
  • TX paper contains a lot of small-small rules, sometimes which are hard to remember, this makes TX paper difficult
  • So the best way is to do practice questions daily from different topics
  • For example
    • On Monday attempt questions from individual tax calculation
    • Tuesday attempt question from Corporate tax
    • On Wednesday attempted question from NIC
    • Thursday question from Vat
    • And so on
  • So if you are doing the practice of TX as told above, Believe me, you are on the way to this paper very easily, Because you are continuously revising all the small-small rules on daily basis, which are hard to remember otherwise
  • Time Management: This is a very common problem with most students, On the day of the exam they were unable to complete their papers because they are unable to manage their time
  • So to make sure you are not going to face time Management issues on the exam day, Do practice questions by allocating time to each question
  • For example, when you are going to solve the question of VAT, do promise yourself that you have 30 Minutes only and set a timer on your mobile, and exactly after 30Minuts check the progress of your question, if you still solving the question after 30 minutes, then you need to improve your speed, so by doing this you can avoid Time Management issue on the Exam day

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ACCA FM Syllabus 2023 (Financial Management)

ACCA Financial Management FM F9

ACCA Financial Management (FM) – Previously Known as F9 ¬ ACCA FM Paper

ACCA FM Syllabus 2023

  • Investment Appraisal
    • Basic Methods
    • Taxation Method
    • Specific Decision
    • Risk & Uncertainty
  • Cost of Capital
    • Cost of Equity
    • Cost of debt
    • Weight average cost of capital
    • Capital Structure theories
  • Business Valuation
    • Equity Valuation
    • Debt Valuation
  • Sources of Finance
  • Risk Management
    • Interest Rate Management
    • Foreign Currency rate management
  • Working Capital
    • Inventory Management
    • Debtor Management
    • Creditor Management
    • Cash Management

FM paper pattern

First of all, The final exam in which you are going to appear will include two sections

  1. Section A: OT Questions
    • 15 OT questions having 2 marks each
  2. Section B: OT Cases
    • 3 OT cases having 5 OTs in each case
  3. Section C: 2
    • Constructive response questions, 20 Marks for each question

Probably the Reason for the unsuccessful attempts of FM

  • Not enough practice on the past paper questions
  • Poor time management in the exam
  • Similarly Not attempting all parts of the given question
  • Not explaining the answer as expected by the examiner
  • Almost Lack sufficient knowledge about the subject area
  • Panic in the exam when you see something unseen on the question booklet
  • Many students just read the solution to questions, they don’t try to write every part of the question by themself

In FM you have to practice in 3 different types of areas,
1- Simple MCQs OR OT questions (30 Marks questions)
2-OT case- A case study will be given and related 5 questions, you need to read and understand the case study and answer the related 5 questions. (30 Marks)
3-Constructive Response area: (40 Marks)
Must Practice all areas from past papers

Therefore Remember mostly students who fails a 49, They claim that they are failed by 1 mark, This is not true, Almost you were failed by 51 Marks 🙂 Keep in mind and practice very well

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ACCA Financial Reporting FR F7

ACCA Financial Reporting (FR)

Previously Known as F7 ¬ ACCA FR Textures

Miscellaneous Topics

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Financial Reporting FR (F7) is the 7th paper of ACCA & and the advanced level of FA (F3).

ACCA FR Relation with other papers of ACCA
ACCA FR Relation with other papers of ACCA

This paper deals with Financial accounting.

The main purpose of this paper is to build capabilities & skills in applying International Accounting Standards and theoretical framework. and interpretation of Financial Statements

Financial Statements

  • Statement of Financial Position (Balance sheet)
  • Income Statement
  • Statement of cash flow
  • statement of changes in equity
  • Disclosure of Financial Statements

FA is mainly a calculation-based paper- Examiner wants you to apply standers on different scenarios which are given in the exam paper

For Example, a question in the exam is from IFRS 16, So for the most problem examiner with the check, your knowledge and application of this stander as technically as He/She can.

But if you have a full grip on International Accounting Standers And IFRS, Then believe exam questions will be just a child’s play for you and you will pass this Exam Easily

FR Paper Pattern

  1. Section A: 15 Objective Test Questions, 2 Marks each 30Marks)
  2. Section B: 3 OT Case Questions. Each case contains 5 OT Questions (30Marks)
  3. Section C: 2 Constructed Response Questions, 15Marks each (40 Marks)
    • Interpretation of Financial Statements
    • Preparation of Financial Statements (Individual or Group)

If we calculate time per mark, it’s 1.8 Minutes per mark.

So we have

  • 54 minutes total for section A
  • 18 Minutes for each question in section B
  • 36 Minutes for each question in section C

Exam time allocated 3 Hours
Passing Marks 50

ACCA FR Syllabus 2023

The Conceptual and Regulatory Framework for Financial Reporting

  • Property Plant Equipment
  • Intangible Assets
  • Inventory
  • Biological Assets
  • Impairment of assets
  • Financial instrument
  • leasing
  • Provision and event after the reporting period
  • taxation
  • Reporting Financial Performance
  • Revenue
  • Government Grant
  • Foreign Currency transaction

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How to pass ACCA FR
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ACCA Performance Management PM F5

ACCA PM Performance Management – Previously Known as F5 ¬ ACCA PM Course

ACCA PM Syllabus 2021

Absorption Costing Vs Marginal Costing

  • Cost Accounting
    1. Activity-Based Costing
    2. Target Costing
    3. Life cycle costing
    4. Throughput Accounting
    5. Environmental Accounting
  • Decision-Making Techniques
    1. Relevant cost analysis
    2. Cost volume analysis
    3. Limiting factors
    4. Pricing Decisions
    5. Make or buy and other short term decisions
    6. Risk & Uncertainty
  • Budgeting
    1. Budgetary systems and types of budget
    2. Quantitive analysis in budgeting
    3. Stander costing
    4. Material mix & Yield variance
    5. Sales mix & Quantity variance
    6. Planning and operational variance
    7. Performance analysis
  • Performance measurement and control
    1. (PM)Performance management information systems
    2. Sources of management information
    3. Management reports
    4. Performance analysis in private sector organizations
    5. Divisional performance and transfer pricing
    6. Performance analysis is not for profit Org and the public sector
    7. External consideration and behavioral aspects

Introduction: Performance Management (PM) is the fifth paper of ACCA, Previously known as F5.

As well this is the advanced level paper of F2, Most topics were introduced in F2, But the testing level is high in PM(F5)

First of all, The main purpose of the paper is to build basic skills related to the Management Accounting

Also, PM is a Computer-based exam, available 4 times a year, March-June-September-December

Hence For the exam timetable: Click Here

Furthermore, Mainly this is the mixed paper of the reticle and calculation, However, the major portion consists of theory,

Also, Performance Management is considered one of the toughest papers in ACCA’s Fundamental papers, with the lowest passing rate after Audit (AA), See below the official passing rate issued by the ACCA

ACCA Pass Rate, acca passing ratio

However, with a little bit of Management in study style, you can easily pass this paper,

In PM there are four key area

  • Cost Accounting area (includes ABC costing, Life cycle costing, Throughput accounting, Target costing, and Environment costing) Competitively is the easy part of this paper because just after learning you can easily calculate questions in this area
  • At the other end, the Decision-making technique is a tricky and difficult area (includes Relevant cost, cost volume, Limiting factor analysis, Pricing. make or buy decision, and risk and uncertainty) in this area examiner of PM wants you to explain your calculated calculation, to check your concepts and understandings about the topic
  • Also, the next one, Budgeting, Budgeting in Performance Management paper consider a difficult area of the paper, Most of the students are weak in budgeting because is a theoretical area and with only a few calculations, But this can be learned very easily if your concepts are clear and strong, you just need to explain what you have learned,
    Also includes VARIANCE ANALYSIS, Variance analysis is a very easy topic, just a few calculations and this considers very easy marks in exams

As a result, you must cover the entire syllabus of PM, Similarly, practice past papers as much as you can as this is the key to success in exams, 

Practice makes perfect

ACCA PM Paper Pattern:

  • Objective Test questions
    1. Multiple-choice questions
    2. Multiple response questions
    3. Fill in the blank
    4. Drop Down list
    5. Drag and drop
    6. Hot Spot
    7. Hot area
  • Objective Test Case questions: Each OT case contains a group of five OT questions based on a single
    scenario. These can be any combination of the single OT question types and
    they are auto-marked in the same way as the single OT questions
  • Constructed response questions: For these question types, students produce individual written and numerical answers which they insert into blank word processing pages, blank spreadsheets, or pre-formatted templates. A number of standard word processing and spreadsheet functions are available via the menu and toolbar for students to use when responding to the question.

  • Section A:
    • 15 Ots, each having 2 marks making a total of 30 marks
  • Section B:
    • 3 OT Cases, each having 5 OTs making a total of 30 marks
  • Section c: 2CRs, each having 20 marks, each having multiple requirements making a total of 40 marks.

The total time allowed in the exam is 3 hours and 15 minutes, and you need probably perfect time management to complete the paper, this is only possible with practice and practice

So due to, details visit ACCA’s official website: Click Here

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And most noteworthy below we sharing ACCA PM video lectures with you, Held by ACCA

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ACCA AAA Syllabus 2023

ACCA Advanced Audit and Assurance AAA

ACCA AAA (Advanced Audit and Assurance) – Previously known as P7 – AAA, And ACCA

ACCA AAA Syllabus 2023

AAA Syllabus includes two sections

1: Audit of historical Financial Statements (All syllabus of AA)

Acceptance of Audit
Audit planning & Risk Assessment (18-24 Marks Normally in Question No 1)
Audit Evidence (20-30 Marks Normally It can be tested anywhere in the paper, in any part out of 3)
Review (Around 15 Marks in every paper)

2: Other Areas
Two sections in this area

Ethic & Practice Management.
(Around 20 Marks from this area)
Other Assignments
(Q3 10-20 Marks Normally)
Audit RegulationForensic Audit
Code of ethicsPFI
Audit QualitySocial & Environment Audit
Advertising Professional servicesAudit of performance information of public sector
Due diligence

Paper Pattern

  • Question 1 50 Marks Case study and can b from
    • Risk (Must)
    • Audit Procedure (Usual)
    • Ethic (Usual)
    • Any other topic from the syllabus
  • Question 2:
    • Review and report (Must)
    • Any other topic can be tested with a review
  • Question 3:
    • Other assignments + any other topic can be tested here

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ACCA AA Syllabus 2023

ACCA AA Audit and Assurance

ACCA Audit and Assurance (AA)

ACCA AA Syllabus 2023

F8 AA syllabus

Topic-wise Notes

What is Audit?

First of all the basic means of Audit is investigations.

Another way in accounts, this word being used Audit for the examination of Financial Statements prepared by entities annually.

  • Balance sheet
  • Statement of profit and loss
  • Income statement
  • Statement of changes in equity
  • Statement of cash flow

Likewise, ACCA AA (F8) is a theoretical paper that Probably consists of 90% theory and 10% calculations.

In theory, the examiner tests the concepts of students by giving a situation, and students need the resolve that situation in different ways in different questions, like Analytical procedures, Tests of controls, internal controls

Also, other parts of the parts consist of calculations, Calculations of this part are probably from IAS-IFRS, like if the examiner explains the situation by referring to IFRS-16 then you should be attentive there is something wrong in the calculation of IFRS 16 which examiner wants you to correct this problem,

Furthermore, like assets are recorded correctly, Disposals are calculated in the right way, Depreciation treatments accounting according to the IFRS 16,

Similar to other accounting standers.

The main motive of the ACCA AA paper

This is to develop a basic understanding and knowledge of the audit process to give an assurance engagement to a Clint by following the Professional Regulatory Framework

However, to pass AA you need to:

  • Concepts regarding the audit and assurance
  • what are the procedures of an audit, and how does an auditor perform his audit assignments
  • Understand and evaluation of internal controls to assess the risk factors

Study Plan

Material for topic preparation: Any approved learning provider content along with the revision notes.

Material for Question practice: Past exams (Any Revision Kit- The answers on the ACCA website do not reflect the changes in the accounting and auditing standards). Please use the latest Kit (for Sept 2017 exam session) for answers.

Key preparatory recommendations:
-Attempt each question first yourself
-then read the answers
-Read the answers constructively- annotate and underline the key points that you missed, commonly used terminology, etc.

ACCA AA Practice Questions Topic Wise

Assurance & RegulationJune 2015-Q5c
Dec 12- Q2a,c
June 12- Q1c
Accepting audit engagementsSept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q2 a,b
Dec 2013-Q4a,b
June 11 Q2b
Audit planningSept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q2c
Sept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q4
June 2015-Q5b
Audit planningJune 2014-Q3a
Dec 2013-Q1a,b,c
June 2013-Q3 ( Ratios)
Audit planningDec 2012-Q3a,b
Dec 2010-Q3 ( Ratios)
ICS-SalesDec 2014-Q5a
Dec 2013-Q3
June 11- Q1a,c
ICS-purchasesJune 2015-Q4
June 2013-Q1b,c
Dec 10- Q1a,b, Q4b
ICS-payrollSept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q5 a,b
June 2014-Q1a,b
Dec 2011- Q1a
Other IC topicsJune 10- Q3b
June 2015-Q2
Dec 09- Q3b
June 2012- Q1a
Evidence and proceduresJune 12- Q4a
June 11- Q3a
Substantive-Sales and trade receivablesJune 2015-Q6a and Q6biii
Dec 2014-Q5b
Audit procedures-InventorySept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q6a, bi
Dec 2014-Q6bii
June 2014-Q3b
Dec 2012-Q1a,b
June 2012-Q4a
Substantive-Property, Plant & Equipment
Dec 2014-Q6bi
June 2013-Q4a
June 2012-Q1b,c
Substantive-purchases and trade payable sJune 2015-Q6bi
PayrollSept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q5c
Dec 2014-Q1
June 2014-Q1c,d
Intangible assetsSept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q6bii
BankJune 2015-Q6bii
June 2013-Q1d
RemunerationJune 2014-Q3c
Relying on work of othersDec 2014-Q6a
Substantive practiceDec 2013-Q1d
Dec 2012-Q4b
June 2012-Q4b
Fraud, Laws & regulationsJune 2015-Q5a
Dec 12- Q2b
June 12- Q3a
Audit documentationJune 12- Q4c
June 11- Q2a
CAATsDec 10- Q2c
SamplingDec 2012-Q1c
June 12- Q2b
Going concern reviewSept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q3
June 2014-Q5a,b,c
June 2012-Q5a,b,c
Subsequent events review, overall reviewDec 2011-Q5a, bi, and bii
Dec 2008-Q5
June 2013-Q1a
Dec 2010-Q5a,b
Audit opinion & reportSept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q6c
June 2015-Q3
Dec 2014-Q4
Dec 2014-Q6c
June 2014-Q5d
Audit opinion & reportJune 2013-Q5c
Dec 2012-Q5
June 2012-Q5d
Dec 2011-Q5biii
June 2011-Q5c
EthicsSept/Dec Hybrid 2015-Q1
June 2015-Q1
June 2014-Q3d
Dec 2013-Q4c
June 2012-Q3b,c
Corporate governanceDec 2014-Q3
Internal auditJune 2014-Q4
June 2013-Q4b,c,d
June 2013-Q5a,b
Dec 2012-Q3c
June 2012-Q1d,e
June 2012-Q3d
Full exam paper under exam conditions ( time managed)March/June 2016
Sept 2016
Dec 2016
March/June 2017
ACCA Audit and Assurance Topic-wise questions for practice, To help out students we are providing you this list, so when students learn one topic they can practice its relevant question to get a full grip on that topic

How to Pass ACCA AA

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Previously Known as F8

ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Introducation

What is SBL

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

An innovative case study examination

Integrated technical, ethical, and professional skills.

Paper Structure ACCA Strategic Business Leader

  • 4-hour duration allowed (240 minutes)
  • 100 marks, 80 for application of technical content, and 20 for professional skills
  • 50 marks to pass
  • 12-15 pages of case study information
  • All questions are based on the same scenario
  • The emphasis is on a combination of technical and professional skills

The skills and expertise you’ll need

A successful student should:

  1. bring forward the skill and knowledge from earlier learning and exam in the context of acting as a strategic business leader
  2. take a board interest in their day to day work, undertake wider reading, and develop business acumen in order to apply this to the scenario given
  3. demonstrate their technical skills in a practical context, professionalism, and professional skills
  4. show the ability to access, interpret and synthesize the scenario and other information to provide appropriate solutions to the tasks required.
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader

1.1 Being Leader

As a leader, you are expected to be able to analyze a business situation and provide and implement an appropriate, effective and sustainable solution. This Means that can

  • be clear and focused, identifying the key issues in any situation
  • analyze and address ethical concerns
  • use technical principles and quantitative study to move out key issues, confirm causality and integrate a broad range of circumstances into a coherent argument
  • make recommendations that meet the needs of users and ‘are fit for purpose.

1.2 Thinking Strategically

Having a strategic perspective means that you can do the following:

  • Take a long-term perspective.
  • Look at the whole organization as well as individual products/divisions/ SBUs.
  • Set the selection of the whole organization and integrate its activities.
  • Consider the views of all stakeholders, not just shareholders.
  • Analyze the organization’s resources and define resource requirements
  • Relate the organization to its environment.
  • Look at gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.
Thinking Strategically SBL ACCA
Thinking Strategically SBL ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
ACCA SBL Marks Allocation
ACCA SBL Marks Allocation

A quick guide to dividing your time in Exam

  • 25% Leadership and Governance
  • 25% Strategy and Risk
  • 50% Delivering Strategy

Three Phases of study for Strategic Business Leaders

  1. Learning phase
  2. Revision phase, and
  3. final preparation (including mock exams and feedback) phase.

Read More: ACCA Video Lectures


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