ACCA Accountant in Business AB / FAB / F1

AB / FAB / F1

ACCA Accountant in Business AB / FAB

Previously known as F1 / FAB — FIA ¬ AB ACCA Notes, FAB

This paper is the same in FIA & ACCA

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AB Paper Pattern

  • Section A:
    • 46 Questions, Each worth 1 or 2 marks.
    • 76 Marks in total.
  • Section B:
    • 6 Questions, Each worth 4 marks
    • 24 marks in total
  • The time allowed: 2 hours
  • Pass Marks: 50%

The aim of the FB paper:

To understand

  • Businesses, Stockholders, External environment
  • Organization structure, Corporate governance
  • Use of technology, Audit, Reporting, Internal control
  • Leadership, Recruiting, Developed
  • Personal Effectiveness and Organisational behavior

AB is a theoretical paper and considers a difficult paper in FIA/AFD

however, this paper can be passed easily

  1. Revise the topic on a daily basis
  2. If you are taking classes – memories of your lessons day today
  3. Attempt all classed tests with proper preparations and discuss mistakes with teachers
  4. Practice past papers as much as you can, practice makes perfect
  5. Attempt specimen exams, Click Here to get specimen exams
  6. solve all tests of understanding from Kaplan’s book
  7. solve questions from the Kaplan kit as many as you can
  8. Read examiner reports to get the idea of where students make mistakes in common, Examiner Report consider this as part of your syllabus 🙂

Exam dates are flexible and held every month mostly, so you can choose which date suits you.

If English is not your native language then try to improve it, surely this will help you in to your ACCA journey

Spend more time with your books, search resources from the ACCA website that will help you a lot

AB/FAB Pass Rate

Dec 2017Jun 2018Dec 2018Jun 2018Dec 2019

ACCA AB / FAB / F1. This paper is called F1/AB in ACCA and also known as FAB in FIA, the content of this paper in ACCA and FIA is the same