ACCA Financial Management FM F9

ACCA FM Syllabus 2023 (Financial Management)

ACCA Financial Management (FM) – Previously Known as F9 ¬ ACCA FM Paper

ACCA FM Syllabus 2023

  • Investment Appraisal
    • Basic Methods
    • Taxation Method
    • Specific Decision
    • Risk & Uncertainty
  • Cost of Capital
    • Cost of Equity
    • Cost of debt
    • Weight average cost of capital
    • Capital Structure theories
  • Business Valuation
    • Equity Valuation
    • Debt Valuation
  • Sources of Finance
  • Risk Management
    • Interest Rate Management
    • Foreign Currency rate management
  • Working Capital
    • Inventory Management
    • Debtor Management
    • Creditor Management
    • Cash Management

FM paper pattern

First of all, The final exam in which you are going to appear will include two sections

  1. Section A: OT Questions
    • 15 OT questions having 2 marks each
  2. Section B: OT Cases
    • 3 OT cases having 5 OTs in each case
  3. Section C: 2
    • Constructive response questions, 20 Marks for each question

Probably the Reason for the unsuccessful attempts of FM

  • Not enough practice on the past paper questions
  • Poor time management in the exam
  • Similarly Not attempting all parts of the given question
  • Not explaining the answer as expected by the examiner
  • Almost Lack sufficient knowledge about the subject area
  • Panic in the exam when you see something unseen on the question booklet
  • Many students just read the solution to questions, they don’t try to write every part of the question by themself

In FM you have to practice in 3 different types of areas,
1- Simple MCQs OR OT questions (30 Marks questions)
2-OT case- A case study will be given and related 5 questions, you need to read and understand the case study and answer the related 5 questions. (30 Marks)
3-Constructive Response area: (40 Marks)
Must Practice all areas from past papers

Therefore Remember mostly students who fails a 49, They claim that they are failed by 1 mark, This is not true, Almost you were failed by 51 Marks 🙂 Keep in mind and practice very well

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