ACCA Management Accounting MA / FMA / F2

ACCA MA (Management Accounting)

ACCA MA (Management Accounting)

ACCA MA F2 Notes ¬ FIA ¬ This paper is the same in FIA and ACCA each and everything (FMA)

ACCA MA Syllabus 2021

1Accounting for management
2Sources of data
3Cost classification
4Cost behavior
5Presenting information
6Accounting for materials
7Accounting for labor
8Accounting for overheads
9Absorption and marginal costing
10Job, batch, and service costing
11Process costing
12Process costing, joint products, and by-products
13Alternative costing principles
16The budgetary process
17Making budgets work
18Capital expenditure budgeting
19Methods of project appraisal
20Standard costing
21Cost variances
22Sales variances and operating statements
23Performance measurement
24Applications of performance measurement

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ACCA MA Paper Pattern

  • Section A:
    • 35 objective questions for two marks each ( 70 Marks)
  • Section B:
    • Three multi-task questions (MCQs) for 10 marks each.

Accounting for management:

ACCA Management Accounting MA / FMA / F2, MA is the Knowledge Level paper of ACCA, Provides the basic level of knowledge of Management Accounting, This is a basic level paper of FM(F5) and AFM(P5)

ACCA is a professional qualification with the aim to produce professional accountants worldwide

Relational diagram linking Management Accounting (MAFMA) with other exams
Relational diagram linking Management Accounting (MAFMA) with other exams

The aim of this paper is to provide knowledge & understanding of Management Accounting to assist Management.

MA/F2 Pass Rate

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