ACCA UK Taxation TX F6


ACCA UK Taxation TX

Previously known as F6 ¬ TX ACCA Syllabus

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ACCA TX Syllabus 2021 – UK Taxation

  • Individual & Corporate Tax calculations
  • The UK tax system and its administration
  • Income Tax and NIC liabilities
  • The chargeable gain for individuals
  • Inheritance tax
  • Corporation tax liabilities
  • VAT

Paper Pattern

  1. Section A: 15 objective questions. 2 Marks each (30Marks)
  2. Section B: 3 OT Questions, Each question contains 5 MCQs (30Marks)
  3. Total 3 Questions (40Marks)
    • One question of 10 Marks
    • Two questions of 15 Marks

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How to Prepare TX Paper

  • This paper considers an easy paper for ACCA
  • TX paper contains a lot of small-small rules, sometimes which are hard to remember, this makes TX paper difficult
  • So the best way is to do practice questions daily from different topics
  • For example
    • On Monday attempt questions from individual tax calculation
    • Tuesday attempt question from Corporate tax
    • On Wednesday attempted question from NIC
    • Thursday question from Vat
    • And so on
  • So if you are doing the practice of TX as told above, Believe me, you are on the way to this paper very easily, Because you are continuously revising all the small-small rules on daily basis, which are hard to remember otherwise
  • Time Management: This is a very common problem with most students, On the day of the exam they were unable to complete their papers because they are unable to manage their time
  • So to make sure you are not going to face time Management issues on the exam day, Do practice questions by allocating time to each question
  • For example, when you are going to solve the question of VAT, do promise yourself that you have 30 Minutes only and set a timer on your mobile, and exactly after 30Minuts check the progress of your question, if you still solving the question after 30 minutes, then you need to improve your speed, so by doing this you can avoid Time Management issue on the Exam day

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