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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Shedule of all days

  • Day 1: Final account
  • Day 2: Consolidation of balance sheet & income statement
  • Day 3: Ratio & trial balance
  • Day 4: MCQ’s
  • Day 5: MCQ’s
financial reporting
balance sheet
income statement
financial statement
trial balance
financial statement analysis
annual report
financial accounting
ifrs 9
accounting and finance

A discuss and apply a conceptual and regulatory framwork for financial reporting

Account for transaction in accordance with international accounting standers

Analyse and interpret Financial Statements

Prepare and present financial statements for single entities and business combination in accordance with international accounting standers

  • Published company accounts (SFP, SPLOCI and SOCE)
  • Inventory IAS 2
  • Property Plant Equipment
  • Intngible assets IAS 38
  • Provisions IAS 37
  • Event after Reporting period IAS 10
  • Basic group accounts
  • Statement of cashflow
  • Analysis and interpretation (Ratios)

Resources that students need to avail

  • Our Notes
  • Above free lectures
  • Flashcards
  • Revision videos

IASB Conceptual Framwork

The IASB framework provides the underlying rules, conventions, and definition that the preparation of all financial statements prepared under International Financial Reporting Standers IFRS – ACCA FR Video Lectures

  • Ensure standers developed within a conceptual framework
  • Provide guidance on areas where no standard exists
  • Aids process to improve existing standers
  • Ensure Financial Statements contain information that is useful too, user
  • Help prevent creative accounting
  • The revised IASB Conceptual Framework was issued in March 2018 and the new areas included are as follows
    • Measurement basis
    • Presentation and disclosure
    • nonrecognition
  • Whilst updates have been made to the following
    • Definition of asset/liabilities
    • recognition of assets/liabilities
  • And clarification on
    • Measurement uncertainty
    • Prudence
    • stewardship
    • substance over form

Objective of Financial Reporting

  • Provide information that is useful to exist and potential investors, lenders and other creditors in the making decision about providing resources to the entity
    The decision made by users will involve:
    • Investment decision
    • Financing decision
    • voting or influencing management actions
  • The users will be assessing the managements stewardship of the entity alongside its prospects for the future, which will require the following information
    • Economic resources of the entity
    • Claims against the entity
    • Change in the entity’s economic resources and claims
    • Efficiency and effectiveness of management

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  1. Last 2 exams I m getting 43 in financial reporting and 47 in financial management give me such tips to clear the exam

    • Hi Dhruvil Kaushik, As per our experience blow 46 marks means that you’re lacking into your bookish knowledge, Marks around 47-48-49 means that you need to improve your presentation skills


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