ACCA Remote Exam are introduced With Remote Invigilation

acca remote exam remote invigilation

ACCA Remote Exam Taking with Remote Invigilation, During Covid 19

ACCA introducing new flexibility for ACCA students around the world to take their exams from home or in any other location in circumstances where center-based exam sittings are Canceled

In June 2020 ACCA canceled their exams due to Covid19 for the safety of everyone. And announced that September 2020 ACCA Remote Exams will be conducted, but as we know the Corona still is out of control, And really have no idea how long this can be,

And students are worried about their career and wasting their time,

ACCA Remote Exam with Remote Invigilation

The good news is ACCA announces that ACCA will take the exam from home through ACCA remote invigilation, and can save your whole academic year

Happy???? Yes its true from September 2020 attempt ACCA students can attempt their exam papers from home, but definitely ACCA Remote Exam will be monitor through latest technology, high security, screening, artificial intelligence, and other secure ways

So with this students can continue their studies during the Covid19 phase. this will help to face frustration the pandemic situations during studies

ACCA also announces that they are trying to enable remote invigilation by June 2020 for foundation & Applied Knowledge exams, and from September till Applied Skills papers,
And for Strategic Professional paper not yet decided anything, hopefully, Strategic Professional Papers will be available soon through ACCA remote exam

ACCA Remote Exam with Remote Invigilation

Remote Invigilation: In this process, you will attempt paper from a room in home alone & a live invigilator will be monitor to you online, Invigilator will ensure that you are alone in the room, will monitor your computer’s screen with artificial intelligence that you are not opening any other window during the paper, or you are not using anything other than paper’s window

During the paper time, your invigilator can ask you to talk with him, By this, he will try to determine the circumstance, He can ask you any time to rotate the camera in the room to see if there is any other person has in the room

Computer Hardware Requirements

To attempt ACCA remote exam you need the following hardware’s for a successful paper

  • Ram Minimum 4 GB
  • Minimum Window 7
  • If using Mac then Mac OS Minimum 10
  • Internet Connection Minimum 10

If you don’t have above hardware’s then there will be lot of technical issue will happens, ACCA will be face issue to monitor you reasonably

During the paper you can not take a break, you can’t go to the washroom, if your internet got disconnected then he will call you on your mobile to ask the problem, and will try to solve if your problem is genuine then he will try to reconnect you to your paper

However the exam fee will be the same as per normal routine, there is no change, But keep in mind this will be cost very high to ACCA, as this is a very tough process and need much more resources to conduct papers online

You can read more from ACCA official website: Click here, For ACCA Exam Tips


What is ACCA remote exams?

in remote exams of ACCA you can attempt paper online from home, and a online invigilator will monitor your activities

ACCA Exam dates

acca exam dates timetable

ACCA Exam Dates and Deadlines 2021

ACCA Exam dates for September 2021, December 2021, and March 2022 ACCA Exams Deadline

acca exam dates

Exam start times

Details of local start times can be found on the Exam Planner and will be stated on exam dockets. acca exam timetable is available to book your exam timely

September 2021

ACCA Exams Date for 7 – 11 September 2021

Monday 7 Sep 2021Tuesday 8 Sep 2021Wednesday 9 Sep 2021Thursday 10 Sep 2021Friday 11 Sep 2021
Audit and
Taxation (TX)Performance Management (PM)Financial
Management (FM)
Audit and
Assurance (AAA)
Performance Management (APM)
Management (AFM)
Law (LW)
ACCA Exam dates for September 2021
Early exam entry deadline date - 11 May 2021
Stander exam entry deadline- 27 July 2021
Late exam entry deadline - 3 August 2021
September Result Release Date: 19 October

December 2021

ACCA Exams Date for 7 – 11 December 2021

Monday 7 Dec 2021Tuesday 8 Dec 2021Wednesday 9 Dec 2021Thursday 10 Dec 2021Friday 11 Dec 2021
Audit and Assurance (AA)Taxation (TX)Performance Management (PM)Financial Reporting (FR)Financial Management (FM)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)Advanced Taxation (ATX)Advanced Performance Management (APM)Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)Technical Role Simulation (TRS)Corporate and Business Law (LW)
ACCA Exam dates for December 2021
Early exam entry deadline date - 10 August 2021
Stander exam entry deadline- 2 November 2021
Late exam entry deadline - 9 November 2021
December 2021 Exam Result will be released on 18 January 2021

March 2022

ACCA Exams Date for 8 – 12 March 2022

Monday 8 March 2022Tuesday 9 March 2022Wednesday 10 March 2022Thursday 11 March 2022Friday 12 March 2022
Audit and Assurance (AA)Taxation (TX)Performance Management (PM)Financial Reporting (FR)Financial Management (FM)
Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA)Advanced Taxation (ATX)Advanced Performance Management (APM)Strategic Business Reporting (SBR)Advanced Financial Management (AFM)
Strategic Business Leader (SBL)Technical Role Simulation (TRS)Corporate and Business Law (LW)
ACCA Exam dates for March 2022
Early exam entry deadline date - 16 November 2022
Stander exam entry deadline- 1 February 2022
Late exam entry deadline - 8 February 2022
March 2021 Exam Result will be released on 12 April 2022


Can I change the ACCA Exam entry?

Yes, you can change or cancel the exam entry before the stander entry date.
Online purchases may be returned via a major parcel carrier. Click here to initiate a return.

How many times ACCA exams per year?

ACCA exams are held 4 times a year, March-June-September-December

What time do ACCA exams start?

Exam time will be available on your docket, issued by ACCA.

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Six exam apps that will help you study smarter (not harder)

exam apps for students acca

Exam Apps that will help you get organized and focused on the study from Quiz let that give you a more interactive way of learning.

Here are 6 exam apps that will help you to study smartly in your student life.

1. Google Translate [Free; IOS, Android]
With over 90 languages and more than 200 million people using Google Translate app, there’s no reason not to be understood in this era, no matter where you are or who you’re trying to communicate with an Arabic speaking person in the United States of America OR English speaking person in the United Kingdom. Quite simply with Google Translate app is essential if you’re studying in a new language, or you’re a language student. It might also help you feel more comfortable in new countries and situations.

2. Exam Countdown [Free; IOS, Android]
If you need even more help organizing your exam dates and timetables keep yourself motivated, the Exam Countdown app is for you. It will help you to stay on track and keeps the study focus up on a daily countdown to all your exams.

You can color-code all your upcoming exams, events and add symbols, such as an abacus for maths or a paper for English. You can also share on social media where about you are in your countdown,

which means you can help classmates stay on track too.

3. My Study Life [Free; IOS, Android, Chrome, Windows,]
My Study Life help students to organize their notes, with scheduling and class timetabling that can sync with your mobile calendar. The reminders notify you of incomplete tasks and upcoming classes and exams timetable.

It provides a task manager that helps students to sort out a simple to-do list, with functionality specific to student lifestyles. It also syncs across all devices with the same login id, saves everything to the cloud and is available offline when the internet not available.

So you can work on a paper offline, then will save it to the cloud and have it linked to a task and schedule.

4. Quizlet Exam Apps [Free, IOS, Android]
Quizlet is popular with teachers and students. The app allows you to create your own study materials according to your own choice across a wide range of subjects or use a broad library of materials created by other Quizlet users.

Teachers use it to set their student’s challenges and tests by creating specific materials and then sharing it on social media online, in or out of the class.

Quizlet is a fun way to learn, as it uses audio and videos, s

o you can make your own vital flashcards and play learning games, especially useful for learning languages.

5. Pocket [Free IOS, Android, Chrome]
Spending as much time as we do on our phones and computers, surfing web pages with so much content available, it’s hard to read everything we come across, which can be a humiliation for us when it could be something useful for your studies. If only there was a way to save things for later without getting them lost. Say hello to the Pocket app.

It allows you to save articles, topics, videos and other web content in a vibrant and easy way to read experience on your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

It has powerful search and tagging tools, which means you can organize web pages by subject or topic. It also works really well with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard, and Evernote, among others.

6. ACCA Student Planner: We think the ACCA student planner app is rather impressive. Designed for ACCA students and those interested in doing ACCA qualifications, it provides advice on how to get started and pass ACCA exams, with a global map showing the locations of all Approved Learning Providers.

while an interactive tool works out when you might become an ACCA member, helping you stay on track in your journey.

You can also find all the contact details for ACCA Head Quarter and your local office in your areas.

You can visit the app stores (IOS & Android) and download these exam apps for free. 

Read More: ACCA Qualification Structure

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ACCA Qualification Structure

ACCA Qualification Structure

what is ACCA Qualification?

Careers after ACCA Qualification- Here a detailed guideline about ACCA Qualification, Entry Route, Paper Structure, ACCA course details- Start your journey toward Accountancy Qualification

ACCA Papers List

Applied Knowledge
AB- Accounting in Business
MA- Management Accounting
FA- Financial Accounting
Applied Skills
LW- Corporate And Business Law
PM- Performance Management
TX- Taxation
FR- Financial Reporting
AA- Audit & Assurance
FM- Financial Management
Strategic Professional
Essential Papers
SBL- Strategic Business Leader
SBR- Strategic Business Reporting
Optional Papers- Pass any two
AFM- Advance Financial Management
APM- Advance Performance Management
ATX- Advance Taxation
AAA- Advance Audit & Assurance
Applied Knowledge
AB- Accounting in Business
MA- Management Accounting
FA- Financial Accounting
Applied Skills
LW- Corporate And Business Law
PM- Performance Management
TX- Taxation
FR- Financial Reporting
AA- Audit & Assurance
FM- Financial Management
Strategic Professional
Essential Papers
SBL- Strategic Business Leader
SBR- Strategic Business Reporting
Optional Papers- Pass any two
AFM- Advance Financial Management
APM- Advance Performance Management
ATX- Advance Taxation
AAA- Advance Audit & Assurance

ACCA Qualification Requirements

  • If you have University entrance Level Certification Then you can start ACCA Directly from ”Applied Knowledge”

ACCA Qualification Levels:

Applied Knowledge: Accounting in Business (AB), Management Accounting (MA), Financial Accounting (FA). Applied knowledge has a total of 3 papers.

  • In case you don’t have University entrance Level Certification Then First you need to do Foundations Diploma, this diploma has 7 basic papers, after passing this your First 3 paper of ACCA will be Exempt and you can start ACCA qualification from ACCA’s 4th paper ”F4 Corporate law” directly
  • Next six papers called ”Applied Skills”

Now you have completed 9 papers, and you are eligible for ”Bsc in applied accounting from Oxford Brookes University”

  • Now Next level is Strategic Professional Level papers
  • Essentials Papers
  • Optional (Pick any two out of four)
  • Here your Academic study is Completed and you are ACCA affiliate, But to become a member you need Experience 36 Months in the relevant field,
  • Congratulation, Now you are a new member of the Worlds most forward-thinking Professional Accountancy Body

Why to choose ACCA Qualification?

Let me give you reasons o choose ACCA Qualification

  • you’ll discover a world of opportunity with 188,000 Members and 480,000 students in 178 countries. you will become part of a global network, you will get a qualification That’s recognized around the world.
  • And you can tailor your studies for local law and tax to suit wherever you want to go
  • Employers Trust ACCA, with 110 years of experience so employers trust ACCA to deliver skilled professionals, which ACCA doing to 7400 employers around the world and ACCA have Careers Giving to students and members the career portal and the job board with thousands of vacancies waiting to be filled.
  • Automatic Network: once you become an ACCA member you will get access to thousands of finance professionals in ACCA members LinkedIn group, Providing with invaluable connection and potential mentoring opportunities, Or get involved through face to face networking events in your local area of students and members and connect with fellow students through the virtual learning community.
  • ACCA studies are Brilliantly flexible, what to study full time? or fit your studies around work? No problem, study on your own with one of ACCA’s many approved learning partners face to face with tutors or choose a mix of all three or you could use ACCA-x and. study online you can even gain a BSC degree from Oxford Brookes University and a globally recognized MSC degree from the University of London at the same time. ACCA’s specialism options allow you to be expert in your chosen field
  • Quality Control? check! The material you use and the people who teach you have to meet ACCA’s high stander, and ACCA’s approved learning partners that have been specially selected are regularly assessed.
  • ACCA’s Staff always available to Support you, ACCA’s website has messes of online material including study guides, past papers and inspirational articles from top peoples. Who were once just like you, will also work hard to make exams flexible and convenient. ACCA always thinking ahead looking for fresh ways to help the student.
  • There’s already twenty-four seven support and tips with the ACCA learning community and if English isn’t your first language BPP university can provide you with tailored English language support

This is the opportunity to get the right skills and knowledge to build your career as a Finance Professional

Accountant Salary: according to a survey an ACCA member earning 28000+ British pounds annually.

ACCA Member acca qualification

ACCA Qualification Cost

The total cost of ACCA Qualification according to my estimate can be around 3000 Pounds in total in a normal situation. The cost of ACCA Qualification can vary from situation to situation, person to person, and country to country. Every time you need to check the latest ACCA Exam Dates you can click here.

ACCA Qualification Salary:

jobs with ACCA Qualification
benefits of ACCA Qualification

ACCA Qualification equivalent


Can i finish ACCA in 2 years?

ACCA providing 4 attempts in a year, a total of 8 attempts in 2 years, and a total paper of ACCA 13, So this is very much possible to pass ACCA within two years.

Is ACCA expensive?

No, it’s not, ACCA is a global body of professional accountants providing certification with a reasonable cost, ACCA will pay you in practical life after certification.

How long do i have to finish ACCA?

ACCA can be complete within 2 years.

How do i pay ACCA fees?

You can pay ACCA’s fees with your Credit card or Debit card.

Can you self study ACCA?

Honestly no, you need an ACCA approved tuition provider.

If you still have any query you can Contact US, we will be happy to assist you.

Read more: ACCA Official website


ACCA Exam Tips September 2021

ACCA Exam Tips
 The secrets of exam success 

Important Topics

ACCA EXAM Tips September 2021 Important Topics

PM EXAM Tips (Performance Management)

  1. Activity-Based Costing
  2. ThroughPut Accounting
  3. Variance Analysis
  4. Linear Programming
  5. CVP
  6. Pricing
  7. Risk and Uncertainty
  8. Performance Management

TX EXAM Tips (Uk Taxation)

  1. Individual Income Tax along with Partnership
  2. Corporate Tax
  3. Vat
  4. Inheritance Tax
  5. CGT

FR EXAM Tips (Finance Reporting)

  1. Consolidation
  2. Final accounts
  3. Ratio
  4. MCQ’s can be from anywhere

Questions to practice Final Accounts

  • XTOL

Questions to practice Consolidation


Important Questions to practice Ratios & Cash-flow


AA EXAM Tips (Audit and Assurance)

  1. Ethic
  2. Corporate governance
  3. Reporting
  4. Internal Controls (sales, Payroll, Purchases)
  5. Substantive Procedures (Cash cycle, revenue, and fixed asset)

FM EXAM Tips (Financial Management)

  1. Investment appraisal
  2. The weighted average cost of capital
  3. Forex
  4. Sources of Finance
  5. Working Capital

SBL EXAM Tips (Strategic Business Leader)

  2. Porter 5 Forces
  3. Human Resources
  4. Swot Analysis
  5. SFA Model
  6. Value Chain
  7. E . business, E-Marketing
  8. BCG Matrix
  9. Financial Information
  10. Internal Controls
  11. Corporate Governance
  12. Pestel/P5F/ Str Position
  13. Swot/Tows
  14. Corporate Portfolio
  15. Growth Strategies
  16. Culture
  17. E-Business / 61/ 7P
  18. IT Risk / Security / Cloud
  19. Harmon Process Matrix
  20. Context Change
  21. Outsourcing/ shared services
  22. Financial Proj/ Analysis
  23. Stakeholder/ Mendelow
  24. Prof/ Ethical behaviour
  25. Agency / Conflict of interest
  26. NEDs/ Board Comm
  27. Family-owned business
  28. Integrated Rep/ 6 Capita

SBR EXAM Tips (Strategic Business Reporting)

  1. Consolidated cash flow statement
  2. consolidated income statement
  3. IAS 19
  4. IAS 37
  5. IFRS 8
  6. IFRS 10
  7. IFRS 16
  8. IFRS 15
  9. IFRS 13
  10. IAS 38
  11. Financial Instruments

APM EXAM Tips (Advanced Performance Management)

  1. ABC
  2. BCG Matrix
  3. Ash-ridge Model
  4. Performance management
  5. Corporate Failure
  6. HR

AAA EXAM Tips (Advanced Audit and Assurance)

  1. Business Risk and ROMM
  2. Audit Procedure
  3. Ethic and quality control
  4. Sufficiency and Appropriateness of audit evidence or matters
  5. Due Diligence
  6. Forex
  7. Audit  report (Critical appraisal or matters)
  8. Current issue ED ISA540

However ACCA Exam Tips all are just guesses based on research and our Experience, Please do not ignore the other areas as well

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