ACCA Remote Exam are introduced With Remote Invigilation

ACCA Remote Exam Taking with Remote Invigilation, During Covid 19

ACCA introducing new flexibility for ACCA students around the world to take their exams from home or in any other location in circumstances where center-based exam sittings are Canceled

In June 2020 ACCA canceled their exams due to Covid19 for the safety of everyone. And announced that September 2020 ACCA Remote Exams will be conducted, but as we know the Corona still is out of control, And really have no idea how long this can be,

And students are worried about their career and wasting their time,

ACCA Remote Exam with Remote Invigilation

The good news is ACCA announces that ACCA will take the exam from home through ACCA remote invigilation, and can save your whole academic year

Happy???? Yes its true from September 2020 attempt ACCA students can attempt their exam papers from home, but definitely ACCA Remote Exam will be monitor through latest technology, high security, screening, artificial intelligence, and other secure ways

So with this students can continue their studies during the Covid19 phase. this will help to face frustration the pandemic situations during studies

ACCA also announces that they are trying to enable remote invigilation by June 2020 for foundation & Applied Knowledge exams, and from September till Applied Skills papers,
And for Strategic Professional paper not yet decided anything, hopefully, Strategic Professional Papers will be available soon through ACCA remote exam

ACCA Remote Exam with Remote Invigilation

Remote Invigilation: In this process, you will attempt paper from a room in home alone & a live invigilator will be monitor to you online, Invigilator will ensure that you are alone in the room, will monitor your computer’s screen with artificial intelligence that you are not opening any other window during the paper, or you are not using anything other than paper’s window

During the paper time, your invigilator can ask you to talk with him, By this, he will try to determine the circumstance, He can ask you any time to rotate the camera in the room to see if there is any other person has in the room

Computer Hardware Requirements

To attempt ACCA remote exam you need the following hardware’s for a successful paper

  • Ram Minimum 4 GB
  • Minimum Window 7
  • If using Mac then Mac OS Minimum 10
  • Internet Connection Minimum 10

If you don’t have above hardware’s then there will be lot of technical issue will happens, ACCA will be face issue to monitor you reasonably

During the paper you can not take a break, you can’t go to the washroom, if your internet got disconnected then he will call you on your mobile to ask the problem, and will try to solve if your problem is genuine then he will try to reconnect you to your paper

However the exam fee will be the same as per normal routine, there is no change, But keep in mind this will be cost very high to ACCA, as this is a very tough process and need much more resources to conduct papers online

You can read more from ACCA official website: Click here, For ACCA Exam Tips


What is ACCA remote exams?

in remote exams of ACCA you can attempt paper online from home, and a online invigilator will monitor your activities

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