ACCA SBL Video Lectures

ACCA SBL Video Lectures

ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

This is a new paper by merging P1 and P3

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ACCA SBL newly introduced paper by merging previous papers (P1 & P3). The main purpose of this paper to build leadership qualities in students, ACCA tries to give practical knowledge as much as possible. so this paper a little bit different from others

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ACCA Strategic Business Leader (SBL) Introducation

What is SBL

Strategic Business Leader (SBL)

An innovative case study examination

Integrated technical, ethical, and professional skills.

Paper Structure ACCA Strategic Business Leader

  • 4-hour duration allowed (240 minutes)
  • 100 marks, 80 for application of technical content, and 20 for professional skills
  • 50 marks to pass
  • 12-15 pages of case study information
  • All questions are based on the same scenario
  • The emphasis is on a combination of technical and professional skills

The skills and expertise you’ll need

A successful student should:

  1. bring forward the skill and knowledge from earlier learning and exam in the context of acting as a strategic business leader
  2. take a board interest in their day to day work, undertake wider reading, and develop business acumen in order to apply this to the scenario given
  3. demonstrate their technical skills in a practical context, professionalism, and professional skills
  4. show the ability to access, interpret and synthesize the scenario and other information to provide appropriate solutions to the tasks required.
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader

1.1 Being Leader

As a leader, you are expected to be able to analyze a business situation and provide and implement an appropriate, effective and sustainable solution. This Means that can

  • be clear and focused, identifying the key issues in any situation
  • analyze and address ethical concerns
  • use technical principles and quantitative study to move out key issues, confirm causality and integrate a broad range of circumstances into a coherent argument
  • make recommendations that meet the needs of users and ‘are fit for purpose.

1.2 Thinking Strategically

Having a strategic perspective means that you can do the following:

  • Take a long-term perspective.
  • Look at the whole organization as well as individual products/divisions/ SBUs.
  • Set the selection of the whole organization and integrate its activities.
  • Consider the views of all stakeholders, not just shareholders.
  • Analyze the organization’s resources and define resource requirements
  • Relate the organization to its environment.
  • Look at gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.
Thinking Strategically SBL ACCA
Thinking Strategically SBL ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
SBL Strategic Business Leader ACCA
ACCA SBL Marks Allocation
ACCA SBL Marks Allocation

A quick guide to dividing your time in Exam

  • 25% Leadership and Governance
  • 25% Strategy and Risk
  • 50% Delivering Strategy

Three Phases of study for Strategic Business Leaders

  1. Learning phase
  2. Revision phase, and
  3. final preparation (including mock exams and feedback) phase.

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