ACCA AAA Syllabus 2023

ACCA Advanced Audit and Assurance AAA

ACCA AAA (Advanced Audit and Assurance) – Previously known as P7 – AAA, And ACCA

ACCA AAA Syllabus 2023

AAA Syllabus includes two sections

1: Audit of historical Financial Statements (All syllabus of AA)

Acceptance of Audit
Audit planning & Risk Assessment (18-24 Marks Normally in Question No 1)
Audit Evidence (20-30 Marks Normally It can be tested anywhere in the paper, in any part out of 3)
Review (Around 15 Marks in every paper)

2: Other Areas
Two sections in this area

Ethic & Practice Management.
(Around 20 Marks from this area)
Other Assignments
(Q3 10-20 Marks Normally)
Audit RegulationForensic Audit
Code of ethicsPFI
Audit QualitySocial & Environment Audit
Advertising Professional servicesAudit of performance information of public sector
Due diligence

Paper Pattern

  • Question 1 50 Marks Case study and can b from
    • Risk (Must)
    • Audit Procedure (Usual)
    • Ethic (Usual)
    • Any other topic from the syllabus
  • Question 2:
    • Review and report (Must)
    • Any other topic can be tested with a review
  • Question 3:
    • Other assignments + any other topic can be tested here

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ACCA AAA Video Lectures

ACCA AAA Video Lectures

ACCA Advanced Audit and Assurance AAA

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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

  • Risk assessment
  • Business risk
  • Risk of material misstatement
  • Audit risk
  • Analytical review
  • Audit procedures
  • Ethical matters
  • Conclusion 

Advanced audit and assurance (AAA) is a theoretical paper mostly, in this exam examiner except to perform like a professional accountant and identify problems and solutions, this paper is also linked with Strategic business reporting (SBR). because you need to apply IASs and IFRS were needed to support your evidence.

Also in the AAA exam examiner tests many topics straightforwardly, so those topics you need to rote learn,

As well there is no shortcut to success, so prepare every single topic in your book, the examiner can test anything, and also read technical articles of AAA written by the AAA examiner.

Practice makes perfect. so try to solve ACCA’s past papers as much as you can, by solving every single question you will feel comfortable about that topic.

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