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Syllabus and study guide

 First of all FIA – MA2 is the advanced paper of MA1, Also The aim of this paper to give you some advance knowledge of Management Accounting, Which are used to make and support the decision, Furthermore How to prepare, present and process basic cost accounting to assist Superiors in the decision-making process, In different businesses.

To be fair this syllabus starts by introducing students that whats the major difference between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting, While Basic recordings of cost,

Even More, a variety of costing techniques, support of the decision-making process, And the most important part is cash management element in the planning process.

Acca ma2 fia afd

  • Role of costing in a company that how they calculate their costs
  • Recording and Explanation of cost classification
  • apply different costing techniques and explanation
  • Use the different management accounting techniques to assist the decision-making process
  • Different principles of cash management and explanation

For the reason that The Foundations examinations contain 100% compulsory questions to encourage candidates to study across the breadth of each syllabus.




In Contrast, MA2 Basically have 4 Area’s in the syllabus


A) Management Information

  1. Management information requirements
  2. Cost accounting systems
  3. Cost classification
  4. Information for comparison
  5. Reporting management information

B) Cost Recording

  1. Accounting for materials
  2. Labour Accounting
  3. Accounting for other expenses

C) Costing techniques

  1. Absorption costing
  2. Marginal Costing
  3. Job and batch costing
  4. process costing
  5. Service costing

D) Decision making

  1. Cost- Volume- Profit analysis
  2. Factors affecting short term decision making
  3. Principles of discounted cash flow

E) Cash Management

  1. Nature of cash and cash flow
  2. Cash management
  3. Cash budgets
  4. Investing and financing

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