ACCA FR Video Lectures

ACCA FR Video Lectures


Previously known as F7 > ACCA FR Video Lectures Free

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Schedule of all days

  • Day 1: Final account
  • Day 2: Consolidation of balance sheet & income statement
  • Day 3: Ratio & trial balance
  • Day 4: MCQs
  • Day 5: MCQs
financial reporting
balance sheet
income statement
financial statement
trial balance
financial statement analysis
annual report
financial accounting
accounting and finance

A discuss and apply a conceptual and regulatory framework for financial reporting

Account for transactions in accordance with international accounting standers

Analyze and interpret Financial Statements

Prepare and present financial statements for single entities and business combinations in accordance with international accounting standers

  • Published company accounts (SFP, SPLOCI, and SOCE)
  • Inventory IAS 2
  • Property Plant Equipment
  • Intangible assets IAS 38
  • Provisions IAS 37
  • Event after Reporting period IAS 10
  • Basic group accounts
  • Statement of cashflow
  • Analysis and interpretation (Ratios)

Resources that students need to avail

  • Our Notes
  • Above free lectures
  • Flashcards
  • Revision videos

IASB Conceptual Framework

The IASB framework provides the underlying rules, conventions, and definitions that the preparation of all financial statements prepared under International Financial Reporting Standers IFRS – ACCA FR Video Lectures

  • Ensure standers developed within a conceptual framework
  • Provide guidance on areas where no standard exists
  • Aids process to improve existing standers
  • Ensure Financial Statements contain information that is useful to, user
  • Help prevent creative accounting
  • The revised IASB Conceptual Framework was issued in March 2018 and the new areas included are as follows
    • Measurement basis
    • Presentation and disclosure
    • nonrecognition
  • Whilst updates have been made to the following
    • Definition of asset/liabilities
    • recognition of assets/liabilities
  • And clarification on
    • Measurement uncertainty
    • Prudence
    • stewardship
    • substance over form

The objective of Financial Reporting

  • Provide information that is useful to existing and potential investors, lenders, and other creditors in the making decision about providing resources to the entity
    The decision made by users will involve:
    • Investment decision
    • Financing decision
    • voting or influencing management actions
  • The users will be assessing the managements stewardship of the entity alongside its prospects for the future, which will require the following information
    • Economic resources of the entity
    • Claims against the entity
    • Change in the entity’s economic resources and claims
    • Efficiency and effectiveness of management

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ACCA Video Lectures

ACCA Video Lectures

ACCA Exam Approach Webinars

ACCA Video Lectures ¬ ACCA Online Video Lectures Free

acca online courses free

ACCA Video Lectures

Our aim is to make accountancy easy for ACCA students with ACCA video tutorials, many students try to search ACCA video lectures online,

so we have solved this problem, take benefit from these lectures,

held by ACCA and use them to revise your whole syllabus in a few days,

And one thing Practice Practice Practice,

this is the only thing that can you make successful, practice is the key to success. try to solve past papers as much as you can, and without!!! seeing the answers,

because if you are trying to solve questions by seeing the answer,

then that question will give you zero benefit in the end.

ACCA Online Lectures ¬ The main thing is a concept, for each topic you need to clear your concept,

with wrong concepts, it’s very hard for you to pass ACCA.

Each paper of ACCA Can be prepared in just 2 months,

Either this can be knowledge level, Skill, Or strategic professional

First of all, make a good plan that suits you according to your timetable

these acca lectures are very beneficial special in the last days of the exam,

as well never ignore the book reading, a lot of minner

issues and technical mistakes only can be found by book reading

our recommendations is Kaplan books and Kaplan kits,

Kaplan books Are very easy to read with a useful test of understanding,

on the other end, other books are written in a very tough language and difficult to understand for new students

Kaplan kit: Also have very useful questions with deep technical knowledge,

try to solve it as well this is also ACCA approved learning partner

best Acca online courses free

Audit and Assurance Video Lectures

ACCA AA Video Lectures

Audit and Assurance Video Lectures

Previously known as F8

Here are AA Audit and Assurance Video lectures, held by ACCA. for exam preparation within a few days these short lectures,

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

This is a one-week revision class, at the end of day 6, hopefully, you will be able to pass your exam of Audit & Assurance,

However, practice makes perfect, try to practice past exam questions as much as you can.

There is no shortcut to success, so don’t be trying to guess the exam questions, every single topic is important and you should prepare every topic its necessary

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

it’s all, now best of luck with your ACCA exam of Audit and Assurance.

The exam rule is:

  • Don’t be panic at all
  • Do your best
  • Don’t leave any questions unanswered

As well also prepare straightforward knowledge too. because in the audit exam there are many areas that the examiner test straightforwardly and purely knowledge-based. so those can be rote learning. you can check our Audit and Assurance exam tips

Substantive procedures are a major area of the Audit and Assurance course, so you need to learn substantive procedures very defectively.

Let us sacrifice our today so that our children can have a better tomorrow